Hello everyone, we all know for many years now that opening a Nigerian PayPal account that is able to receive payments for our merchant business in Nigeria is as good as impossible except by crook means which involved the use of VPNs to change the IP address to that of another country that is accepted by PayPal. Still yet with that tweaky means, many Nigerians have lost a huge fortune to PayPal as a result of account freezing and closure for failure of account verification due to PayPal ‘s strong security and fraud detection techniques. 

Today, I write to break the good news that you can open and operate a PayPal account in Nigeria without having to use any VPN software for IP changing and having to formulate fake names and addresses to register as some did in the past.The process is seamless and we can get it done for you in a special and safe way.

If you need to use PayPal to receive payments from your freelancing websites and  and to integrate PayPal as a payment system in your online store business then you can contact us and we’ll be very much ready to help you with it 

Reach us via phone, whatsapp or email today and start receiving payments via PayPal in Nigeria as quick as possible 

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