Hello friends, today I introduce to you another great opportunity for investment that you probably have not heard about before; its called BTD multiglobal company.

BTD multiglobal company is the parent company to several subsidiary companies under its registration, which can also be referred to as a ‘serial company’. The company is set on a mission to build the Nigerian and African economies by actively providing opportunities for its people to empower themselves and providing the backbone needed to make businesses into global brands.

The Futures & Option Traded-Funds package of the company focuses on giving the average investor who wants to make money in the financial market but who doesn’t possess the required knowledge or financial muscle the ability to build a strong financial portfolio. With as low as ₦5,000 and no limits, the average person can start the journey to financial stability with their tested and trusted Futures & Option Traded-Funds service.
From children to students to the unemployed to civil servants to the self-employed to politicians or appointed public officers, people of all backgrounds, strengths and aspirations can start the journey of increasing their standard of living and building the Nigerian economy.

Below is a catalog of the fixed term plan they offer investors showing the length of expiration of each plan and their respective interest rates range.


Choose what plan best suits you and try out their investments today. To register and invest with BTD multiglobal company, click here

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