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To start with, I’d like to say that there’s a strong connection between defeat and man’s ignorance. Many in the world are defeated financially today because of their ignorance and lack of access to credible and useful information. Therefore please, BE PROPERLY INFORMED! here’s a great opportunity to be liberated financially for a lifetime.

Alright let’s start!

Zarfund – where wealth is predictable

What is Zarfund?

Zarfund is a peer-peer donation site where participants donate to other participants and receive donations also. The only accepted currency in Zarfund is not Dollar, Pound, Euro or Naira but BITCOINS. Heard of that before? Well, bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that is reliable for making fast online transactions. Read up on bitcoins online for more knowledge on it. It is so easy to acquire and work with.

How does it work?

Just follow these steps carefully and you will discover that making money is not all about working hard but working smart.

First you have to create a Bitcoin wallet online on Blockchain or Coinbase and fund it with bitcoins (approx. 0.033BTC for a start). You can fund your wallet easily on coinbase or through the following means on blockchain.info

  1. buy from credible and highly rated sellers around you on Local bitcoinsWall of coins and other credible exchanges like Instantgold where you can pay in Naira.
  2. buy from trusted individuals around you. On this note, we are ready to help you with an immediate funding of your wallet. This will save you loosing your precious money to fraudsters who claim to have bitcoins.



NB Just make sure you are using either blockchain or coinbase only for Zarfund. 

After funding your bitcoin wallet, proceed to open an account on Zarfund here (NB make sure you register with this link to be on our team referral in order to receive your referrals free without having to undergo any stress of referring people), complete your profile details and update your wallet address on the website. On Zarfund website, navigate to My money >> Bitcoin wallet and paste your wallet address there. To locate your wallet address, login to your blockchain.info account and click on “receive” on your dashboard, you will see a long set of alphanumeric strings, copy it and update it on Zarfund, that’s your wallet address.

How to get your bitcoin wallet address on blockchain.info

After that you have to upgrade your account on Zarfund, to do that navigate to My money >> Upgrade and follow these steps:

  1. A wallet address will be provided to you to send a donation of 0.03btc to in order to upgrade to bronze level (stage 1). Copy the wallet address and return to your blockchain.info account which has been earlier funded.
  2. On your blockchain dashboard, click on “send” and paste the wallet address there, enter the amount to send(0.03btc for bronze stage) and enter donation in description field, hit send.
How to send bitcoins

After sending the donation, go to your Zarfund account. This step is very important so pay attention.

3. Here you will be ask to provide the Transaction Hash ID in the form given to you below.
This is how to get your Transaction Hash ID.

4. Copy the codes (wallet address) you sent bitcoin to, then log out of your blockchain account. Clear the address bar and make sure it displays only http://www.blockchain.info

5. Hit enter to visit the home address of blockchain, you will see a search bar, paste the code you copied in the search bar and Search.

how to search for your transaction hash ID on blockchain.info

6. Once you click on search, in the next page, you will see Transactions (Oldest First)


7. You will have to copy the first series of code you see under the transaction. That long code is the transaction ID. Copy the code, go to your Zarfund account and paste it under the Transaction Hash ID. Then enter the exact amount of bitcoin you were asked to send (for the first upgrade it is 0.03btc) and click submit. See picture below.

Final upgrade step

8. Congratulations! You’ve successfully upgraded your account. Follow the same steps to upgrade to other stages too after you’ve received donations from your downlines too.

So Now that my Account is Upgraded, what will i do to Make the Money?
If you registered under our team referral, consider yourself lucky because in our team you do not have any work of referring to do (except if you would like to fasten the process and share the good news with others too). All you have to do is sit back and relax and in a very short time receive two downlines under you automatically sent to you by us. These two downlines will send donations to you and then you would have to make donations again to upgrade to the next level.

Our team consists of professionals that are vast in internet marketing and have the potentials to reach millions of people in a very short time on the web. We have a whatsapp group set up for our team, just contact me now to add you to our Whatsapp group where we join heads together to make everyone successful. Note this group is only open to those who use our referral link to register. Our group is secret.

We hope to see you on our team

Simple isn’t it? A very smart way to make more than $110,000 in a month or two. Don’t waste anymore time, jump in and invest in Zarfund for your financial freedom.


To your financial liberation,

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